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Updates: February, 12 2024

Hey! This is Jules, I am so excited to announce new glosses are now posted in "shop"! Check them out there is lots of new colors, and diverse. I have some more colors coming soon. Enjoy shopping loves!

I am also an eyelash and brow technician. Over 2 year experience! To make an appointment press "Book Now" below.

I do: Classic, HybridVolume and Mega Volume extensions ~ Coloured Extensions ~ Exclusive eyelash extensions like The Mocha Set, Wispy and a Wet Look ~ Extension Removal ~ Brow  Wax, Tint and Lamination ~ Upper Lip Waxing

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Meet The Girl Who Started It All!

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Julianna Positano

Hey beautiful I am Julianna commonly known as Jules! I am very motivated, outgoing and talk A LOT! I consider myself very motivated because I am always setting goals for myself, but what makes me different is I HAVE to reach those goals. If I make one goal,  you better believe I am reaching it. You probably guessed that having my own business and being my own boss was one of my main goals. Having goals is what keeps me going. I am outgoing because I can strike up a conversation with anyone around me. Like I said I talk a lot. If you get me going I will go on and on. My friends like to say I talk faster than my brain can think. I love love LOVE animals, I have two rescue dogs of my own, fish and soon going to have two rats! If you have any pets dm me pictures on Instagram @evolution.glow I would love to see them! Another thing I love is makeup. Makeup is my holy grail, as soon as I was old enough to get my hands on makeup I was trying new looks all the time on my mom. Now I am not only still playing around with makeup, but playing around with ingredients to make those makeup products I played with as a kid. I have so many dreams for myself and my business and love that you are here to come along and experience those dreams come true with me. Thank you to all who support my small business, it means more than the world to me I can't thank you enough.       ~ Jules

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